If your question is not answered below or outlined in our rental policies, please feel free to contact us!

Do you accept pets? 
Yes, with a deposit of 25% of monthly rent. A maximum of two (2) pets are allowed per house.  Please see our pet policy for more detailed information.

What is the security deposit amount?
Security deposit is equal to one month rent. 

When is the security deposit due? 
Security deposit is due at the time of the lease signing. 

What happens when you receive multiple applications?
We process applications in the order received.  An application must include an application fee to be considered completed.  Basically, it is first come first serve. 

Do you run a credit check?
With your authorization, we often run credit checks.  Please note that credit checks are not the only factor in approving the application. 

Can I make updates to the house and/or yard?
        Possibly!  We want you to feel at home, and that can mean making more personalized updates and style/decor decisions.  Changing paint is a common request, and most colors can be approved.  Any           more permanent changes such as flooring, built-in shelving, cabinets, decking, patios, or fencing would stay with the house upon move-out and occur at your expense.  Larger projects require a                         professional contractor to ensure proper installation.  Additionally, permits may be required from the city - also at your expense.  We would need to approve any changes to the house for insurance                 purposes.  

What if there is damage to my personal property from a storm, gust of wind, or other problem? 

We carry landlord policy insurance on all of our properties which covers damage to the property.  You are responsible for insuring your personal belongings - our insurance does not cover damage to your personal belongings.  It is very important that you and your roommate(s) each carry renters insurance for your valuables.  

How can I get in touch with you for repairs? 
We have an online form that you can utilize, you will also have our phone number for emergencies.  You can also email when needed.  

How long does it take for you to respond to repair requests?
For maintenance requests, we schedule it as soon as schedules permit.  For emergencies, we handle those immediately.    

I am interested in building collateral, are your properties available for rent-to-own or purchase?
We would be happy to discuss the possibility of property sale, and may be able to offer seller financing.  We are also open to rent-to-own situations with different criteria for the tenant/borrower.