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Stanton Avenue

This townhouse is located in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.  A synopsis of the renovations is below: 

Entire house was repainted in warm hues of green and creamy yellow.  The hardwood flooring was refinished on the second floor and on the first floor, new hardwood floors were handmade with 2'x2' plywood squares stained a deep coffee color and rotated 90 degrees in their placement.  They were finished with industrial screws in the corners for an industrial look.  

Kitchen: Removed a wall between the old kitchen and dining room making one larger, more functional space.  Moved gas and water lines to reconfigure the appliance arrangement.  All new appliances were purchased, new cabinets and hardware, and ceramic counters were installed.  A breakfast area was installed to allow for seating in the kitchen. 

Living area: In the previous sunroom, the floor was raised and insulated to make it more functional, and to provide a more seamless transition between the original structure and the addition.  Track lighting was installed along with surround sound wiring capability.  

Bathroom:  The bathroom was given new sub-flooring for more security and evenness.  A large obtrusive cabinet was removed and the original vanity was replaced with a new mahogany vanity.  Porcelain tile was installed on the floor and on the countertops.  A custom counter was built to provide more space and interest and a vessel sink was added to update the space.  Bathroom pics to come soon!